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Knight & Dame


Built on Cardano

Knight & Dame (K&D) is the resource and experimentation project of Shawn Lynch. This effort serves to support the development of a blockchain auditing methodology through real-world use of popular applications (NFTs, AI bots, education, auditing, etc.)


I have chosen the Cardano blockchain for my initial endeavor, and the Warriors & Ladies PFP collection represents the project launch. After careful consideration, I believe Cardano offers the best solution in terms of providing a secure, scalable, decentralized and cost-effective technical platform for development.

Knight & Dame Resources

K&D aims to provide trusted resources to assist professionals and organizations with the implementation of protections, the awareness of risks, regulations and accountability for their blockchain implementations. I am a member of ISACA and fully support their efforts in establishing an auditable standard applicable to blockchain technologies.




Usage Rights

What is the Mint Price?

Each Warrior or Lady will be minted for 100 ADA, the native currency of the Cardano blockchain.

What are the usage rights as a K&D holder?

NFT owners will have full IP rights. Here's a visual:

Create merchandise for commercial use - YES!

Include in a commercial, tv, or film - YES!

Create derivative or new pieces of work - YES!


Usage of Knight & Dame logo,  iconography, or likeness - NO!

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