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The various Collections represent the components of the Monastery and Commandery Ecosystem models. A Council is formed within each Collection, and is responsible for the research, technical and commercial direction of their mandate.


The applications and technologies used to support their goals are determined by the Council with assistance from the community. Funding, utility, and dispersement are determined by the Council as well. Their decisions (apps, tech, goals) add to the overall Ecosystem structure.

The price of each mint within the various collections will be determined by the community and based upon perceived funding needs to bring their vision to fruition. Instead of the project dictating, the community will form the Ecosystem through their decisions. Yes, we are trying to get Catholics to agree upon what the project becomes. God help us :)

Warriors & Ladies


5k total

The initial collection serves to provide membership to the project, funding for future initiatives, and the establishment of the community. Holders of a Warrior or Lady are granted the following privileges and responsibilities:


- membership, proposal submittal, and voting rights in the DAO

- whitelisting for each following collection

- ability to shape Commandery structure and policy

- future services provided by Commandery (AirBnb, weddings, food, education)

- other benefits as the ecosystem is built out


  • Creating the DAO

The DAO will be the primary creation of the collection. From here, decisions will be made surrounding the technologies used and mandates of future collections.


  • Lesson Plans created

  • How-To instructions for Ecosystem implementation (continuous)


  • What platform should be utilized for group discussion in order to discuss DAO creation?

  • How should the proposal process be implemented? 

  • What are the voting rights for each collection and what system should be used? (one-for-one voting, weighted system, etc.)

Artists & Scholars

Screen Shot 2022-12-01 at 2.52.59 AM.png


1k total

Catholic art - both digital and traditional - play an important part in cultural promotion. The use of technology is a cornerstone of the project. The Artisans & Scholars collection serves to bring these two crucial elements together and form the Research Council. Each council, through the DAO, will pass a proposal outlining the benefits, privileges, and responsibilities to holders.


  • Establishing the Research Council and creating research structure

  • Creating the Digital Asset Marketplace (DAM)

  • Determining onboarding procedures for new Catholic artists

  • Begin deliberations around various Ecosystem components (tokens, utility, staking pools, etc.)

  • Establishing an in-house Technical Development program


  • How can digital Catholic art be used to advance culture?

  • What technologies would Jesus use to create the Ecosystem and why?

  • How can a Digital Asset Marketplace (DAM) be utilized as a non-profit to support religious orders and charitable efforts?

Nuns & Monks

Screen Shot 2022-12-01 at 2.52.59 AM.png


1k total

The Nuns & Monks collection serves to establish the spiritual community of the project. The collection supports the exploration of topics such as a Catholic Church DAO, transparency in giving, and partnering with Holy Orders and lay organizations.


As with the previous mints - benefits, utility, responsibilities, and tasks are established by the holders. Holders wishing to help lead this group's efforts will form the Spiritual Council.


  • Establishing the Spiritual Council

  • Creating the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (K&DAO)

  • Partnering with a monastery or religious order

  • Determine and implement transparent charitable distribution system using Cardano applications


  • Does a transparent charity conducted on the Cardano blockchain lead to more giving?

  • What functions within a religious order are best served by a DAO?

  • How would Jesus utilize blockchain technologies?

  • What technologies would he support and why?

Nobles & Tycoons

Screen Shot 2022-12-01 at 2.52.59 AM.png


500 total

The Nobles & Tycoons are responsible for the integration of material businesses with the digital ecosystem. They form the Commerce Council and are instrumental in creating an overall sustainable economic model.


The collection is tasked with determining essential Commandery businesses, their interactions and integration with the digital ecosystem, and the logistics of establishing trade. They will provide valuable input to the establishment of a decentralized and censorship immune payment system. Transactions via the payment system, legality, and taxation concerns will be addressed by this group.


  • Establishing the Commerce Council

  • Determine essential monastery and commandery businesses

  • Conduct outreach operations to integrate the monastery local community and businesess

  • Integrate essential businesses with the Digital Asset Marketplace (DAM)

  • Staff K&D with the legal and business expertise to execute on ground strategy

  • Develop business training program for K&D members and religious orders (Program for Church Management)


  • What are the legal and tax ramifications for Ecosystem usage for monasteries?

  • Can the Catholic model of tithing be utilized to support monastery financial and charitable initiatives?

  • How do Ecosystem components interact with one another (DAM, payment systems, staking pools) to create synergy?

  • What blockchain technologies support commerce activities such as supply chain tracking, logistics, and payment systems?  

Duke & Duchess

Screen Shot 2022-12-01 at 2.52.59 AM.png


300 total

Charity, tithing, and responsible stewardship are the charges of Dukes & Duchesses. This collection creates the Benevolence Council and works closely with the other councils to ensure the project helps those most in need.


They will ensure transparency and work toward the development of consistent and sustainable models of giving. Dukes & Duchesses represent the soul of the project.


  • Establishing the Benevolence Council

  • Determine charity and tithing implementation strategy in coordination with the other Councils

  • Conduct global outreach efforts with Catholic commerce in support of charitable strategy


  • What is the best model for reaching Catholic businesses to support religious orders?

  • Would DeFi initiatives (such as a staking pool) that split interest returns between investors and monasteries be viable?


Screen Shot 2022-12-01 at 2.52.59 AM.png


500 total

The Commanders collection is perhaps the most important part of the project. As a Catholic organization, expect attacks. The Commanders collection forms the Preservation Council, and are responsible for project, culture, and defense readiness.


This will involve no small amount of legal work, physical considerations, trainings, and defense of lay and clergy alike. Nothing exists for long without security. This group is for the ever-vigilante with a focus on security, privacy, and operational continuity. The Swiss Guard of the Knight & Dame project.


  • Establishing the Preservation Council

  • Determine legal defense needs and strategy

  • Generate a cultural defense and education strategy with a focus on Artificial Intelligence as future teacher

  • Create a defensive training program based off of church security systems and conduct threat assessments

  • Conduct food security evaluations in support of monastery personnel and their communities

  • Create the Knight & Dame code of conduct and training program based on a culture of chivalry 


  • What are the current threats to monasteries and how are these threats best mitigated?

  • What are the challenges and solutions to food security as the issue relates to Catholic monasteries and their work?

  • Determine the best options to defend monastery and community personnel against current and perceived threats

  • Is the creation of a religious order seed bank warranted? If so, how would the project be implemented?

  • With the emergence of AI as a future educational tool, how can the Catholic community work towards ensuring the faith is accurately represented?

Kings & Queens

Screen Shot 2022-12-01 at 2.52.59 AM.png


100 total

The King & Queen collection represent those in charge of Knight & Dame operations. They are the CEOs and Generals of the project and responsible for the real-world application of the Ecosystem. From digital operations to on-ground logistics - Kings & Queens run the project and hold stake in its success.


They form the Commandery Council, determine best practices, personnel and community development programs, ensure continuity amidst change, and build resilient teams. Ideally, a King or Queen would each be responsible for their own monastery, form their own inner command staff to ensure their courts run smoothly, and represent the monastery within the overall K&D project.


  • Establishing the Commandery Council

  • Determine long term strategy for the project

  • Assist monasteries and religious orders meet current and future needs

  • Create personnel development programs and opportunities for growth within their courts

  • Establish effective relationships with monastery communities and the Church

  • Develop monastery goals, KPIs, and executable strategy in coordination with their monastery and the Church


  • What are the best practices for monastery operations to support their stated goals?

  • How is knowledge and expertise captured and shared within the monastery model?

  • As technology disrupts traditional systems of finance and trade, how can monasteries and religious orders adapt to effectively use such disruptions to further God's work?


Screen Shot 2022-12-01 at 2.52.59 AM.png


50 total

Upon the successful establishment of the Knight & Dame project, much gratitude and many thanks will be in order. The Saints collection serves as a small token of appreciation to those who have contributed to the success of the project. Whoever is granted a Saint acquires legendary status among all Knights & Dames!

Saints epitomize the Catholic values of kindness, humility, honesty, courage and charity; while living morally sound and chivalric lives. As with all other collections, the privileges and responsibilities are determined by the member community. 

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