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Please find guidance below to Mint a Knight or Dame NFT

  • If you have a Cardano wallet and ADA, please select the number of NFTs you would like to purchase by clicking on the NMKR button below, complete the transaction, and receive your mint.

  • If you DO NOT have a Cardano wallet with ADA, then please create a GeroWallet and fund it with ADA. Step-by-Step simple instructions to do so can be found HERE.

    • Once you have created your GeroWallet and purchased some ADA - come back to this page and select the number of NFTs you want to purchase by clicking the NMKR button and receive your mint.​

NMKR is the platform supporting our launch. They have been wonderful to work with and we appreciate all their support. Should you have any questions whatsoever, please send us an email and we'll be happy to help.


Thank you for supporting the platform!

The Warriors & Ladies Collection


1-4 mints = 100 ADA each

5 mints = 475 ADA

10 mints = 900 ADA

20 mints = 1700 ADA

Resale royalties are set at 5% and become part of the Operational Fund

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