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Knight & Dame Projects

The K&D community emphasizes the integration of use cases as the primary method of advancing crypto adoption. Use cases are created through various projects implemented within the K&D greater ecosystem. Below are the projects completed, in development, and in consideration.

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3C - Catholic Crypto Commerce

3C is an alternative payment system to traditional fiat utilizing the Bitcoin blockchain and Lightning Network. It combines a number of technologies to provide a censorship-resistant, self-hosted environment free from constraints of third parties.

Trad Cats

The Trad Cats project establishes the first K&D Bengal cattery. Each kitten will have an ownership NFT minted on the Cardano blockchain showing TICA registration, medical care, and bloodlines. The NFTs, and ownership of kittens, will be auctioned to K&D members and delivered to their new family. 

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Perspicua Caritas

Perspicua Caritas will be a fully transparent charitable system viewable on the blockchain. Donors will be able to track their donations for K&Dao approved projects from beginning to end, with verifiable results. The system will utilize K&D’s infrastructure for transparency and censorship resistance. 

Catholica Mercatus

To assure economic participation, K&D will create their own digital marketplace called Catholica Mercatus. It will provide a self-hosted avenue of trading for K&D members utilizing the Cardano blockchain, while securing Catholics access to commercial activities.

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Camino de Santiago 
(The Way of St. James)

The Camino de Santiago is a network of pilgrimages leading to the shrine of the apostle Saint James the Great in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain. K&D aims to implement our Ecosystem with the various albergues, hotels, and bars found on The Way. This will enable businesses and pilgrims to utilize crypto, while also leveraging Perspicua Caritas for donors to sponsor pilgrims.

Technical Operations Center

The K&D TOC is based off of the US Army Signal Corps model of providing, maintaining, and securing digital services. Our TOC focuses on the administrative, configuration, and security tasks required to run a self-sovereign and self-hosted server utilizing services provided by Start9.

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