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Skill Trees

As a training organization, K&D believes each member should develop themselves to their fullest potential. A well-rounded skill set consisting of physical prowess, self-defense, chivalric virtue, Christian values, and other admirable qualities is the focus of our training programs. We are also a technology company and will invest in the further development of personnel in this area. To the right are the Four Focus Fields in which our training programs are molded.

Training and Physical Prowess

Knights and Dames are defenders of the weak, innocent, and the Christian flock. Difficult physical training is at the core of preparation and our training program will reflect this necessity. Krav Maga, weapon safety and use, and first aid are all core components of a Knight or Dames skill set.


Culture and Chivalry

Chivalry is a way of life. We seek to develop virtue and embody what it is to be a Knight or Dame. To do so, we seek to educate ourselves and train one another on a number of topics to include morality, character, etiquette, history, philosophy and many others.


Technology and Commerce

International Commerce will result from the expansion of the Commandery network and fundamental business administration will be taught to all members. As a Web3 organization, K&D serves as the tip of the spear in cryptocurrency adoption and building out businesses in this area.


Christian Faith

Faith in God is the foundation of what it is to be a Knight or Dame. This is a Christian organization. We seek to understand God and ourselves, and help others along their journey of faith. 

A person with a fully rounded out skill set as described above is rare. The possibility of achieving such knowledge and abilities is well within reach for the dedicated Knight or Dame. Each of us possess strengths and have gaps in our skill sets. The K&D training program aims to fill in those gaps and leverage the power of community to do so. The Grand Council and Cabinet of Expertise members have helped develop training plans that are challenging and necessary. An example of some of the training K&D members can expect is shown through the links below. K&D should seek to develop our own versions in-house for the Knowledge Base and Training programs.



The heart and soul of the Knight. Military prowess, defense of the Commandery, associated church, community, and food security are the primary focuses here. This is the work of our Marshalls.

Krav Maga instructors -

Firearms -

Church Security -

Seamanship -

K&D, primarily through the Council Marshall, should seek to develop our own training capabilities. Many of our members are Veterans of considerable knowledge, experience and skill. Contributions from all, and direction from the Council Marshall, can work toward developing Knights and Dames capable of defending themselves, their families, and the Christian flock.


The legal, administrative and accounting experts of the K&D structure. As we seek to engage in international commerce, our Chancellors take the lead. This is an exciting time; Web3 technologies and cryptocurrencies are breaking down legacy systems and orchestrating a new, decentralized future.


The primary task of this group is to develop an international Commandery based economy utilizing smart contracts and distributed ledger technologies. To do so, an adaptive, creative, and mature skill set is needed.

MIT Executive Education - Cybersecurity, Productivity, Projects, Leadership

Legal -

Business Leadership - 




The educational and spiritual leaders of K&D. This is a diverse role and quite broad; covering Christian faith, education and training, counseling and community development among other things. This position will likely have a supporting staff for the many differing areas they cover. Ideally and as K&D Commanderies grow, residential priests would fill these positions and address the spiritual needs of the Commandery and its surrounding community.

Apologetics and Theology -

Family Care -

Latin - 

Humanities -


The CEO and leader of the Commandery. This Knight or Dame will be a true leader, noble, courageous, and caring. They will draw much from the other skill areas; and possess the natural ability to lead. Being a Commander is much like being the Lord or Lady of a great estate. Magnanimous, organized, and driven are qualities needed for such a grand position.

Etiquette -

Estate Management -

These skills and examples provide a glimpse into the training we believe each Knight or Dame should receive. The Council, Cabinet, and K&Dao will bring further programs and training to light. Much of the training of our members will be financed by the Training Fund, and each recipient of funding will be asked to make a significant contribution to the Knowledge Base to share insights with the community.

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